Group Counseling

Mixed Roots is a time-limited process group aimed at improving interpersonal relationships and creating a healthy dialogue about what it means to be multiracial on both and personal and societal level. Through fun activities and meaningful discussions with and here-and-now focus, group members will have the opportunity to learn more about the global mixed-race community, explore the difficulties of 'fitting in', and process their own cultural identity in a safe space that fosters acceptance and self-awareness. Most importantly, members will get the chance to foster genuine relationships that celebrate the differences that make each girl unique as they learn to become more comfortable in the skin they're in. 

Who is this group for?

  • Multiracial teen & tween girls looking for a safe space to explore their cultural identity
  • Adoptees in multiracial families
  • Girls who feel confused about their mixed race identity
  • Those frustrated or tired of figuring out how to respond to the question "What are You?"


I offer one-time workshops that cover a variety of topics and where information is specifically tailored to be approachable for each audience. Whether it be in the classroom or at the office, I bring a warm, engaging and often humorous approach to sharing mental health information. I am most passionate about providing training about culturally responsive dialogue in our schools and workspaces. 

I'm more than happy to tailor a workshop to fit you or your group's needs, so please connect with me and let me know what you have in mind!