Adolescent Counseling

Your child will be encouraged to establish therapy goals in their own words and as we build upon their personal strengths to cultivate more coping skills and tools to handle the obstacles of life. Whether it’s overwhelming questions of “who am I?” or hands-on skills like self-soothing anger, there is a safe space for your child to explore and come up with their own solutions as they identify the strategies that best fit their needs.

Parent Coaching

Tired of having the same argument over and over again with your child? Need support (and maybe some tools) nurturing your child’s exploration of their mixed-race identity or transracial adoption? Parent coaching is an excellent way to gain short-term, as-needed support for troubleshooting communication at home and navigating those bumps in the road we all face as parents. Rather than Using a limited number of sessions, parents can gain education about developmental stages of the brain, acquire and practice helpful tools to help them be more effective at home.